Bucket List - Check!

I think I am still processing our vacation. It was very different from anything else we have ever done. And it was different than what it was supposed to be. I loved reading the "Anne of Green Gables" books when I was little. And I especially loved the miniseries that ran on PBS a few decades ago. I always wanted a little girl to share my love for Anne. We would read the books, have a marathon night of popcorn and watching Anne. I always wanted to visit PEI with my little girl.

But life looks a lot different than I thought it would look.

Matt mentioned earlier this year that we had to make the trip to PEI happen this summer. Who knows how much more time we will have with Waverly or how easy it will be for her to travel. So we planned. We rented a cottage that was easily accessible, bought a guide book and started researching.

Visiting Green Gables and exploring the beautiful island as a family was fantastic. Many memories were made. It was a reminder that we cannot allow Sanfilippo to keep us from doing all of things we have dreamed of doing.


Alison said…
I'm an Anne fan too and would LOVE to visit PEI one day!

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