We're Back

The blog and our family took a long summer break for August. We went to Prince Edward Island in Canada for vacation and returned home just in time for the kids to begin school tomorrow. Lots of updates and pictures to appear in the coming days. 


Anonymous said…
You were missed! Can't wait to see pictures and to hear how Canada was. I have been itching to travel abroad again, and Canada seems so close and beautiful. nm
Anonymous said…
I was doing some Make A Wish paperwork this morning and was thinking about you guys, so decided to check your blog to see how things are going. Clearly Matt is not the only talented writer in the family- you are doing a great job writing about both your external and internal struggles. It was great to see the pictures of the kids- I loved the ones of Matt and Waverly at the prom! She's gotten so tall, I can't believe that she is already in fourth grade! Also happy to see that Oliver looks like he can still get around pretty well on his own. He looks like such a big boy with his short hair cut. Also, reading about your great adventures is inspiring me to do more family outings on the weekends!
My older boys have both read Ben Beasley and a few weeks ago we drove past your old apartment, and I showed them that's where Waverly and Oliver used to live! While their time with you will be shortened, be assured that they (and you guys)are impacting more people than you can imagine!
Take Care,
Joy, your Make A Wish volunteer.
Anonymous said…
Joy is right. There is such humanity in your family's story... those themes of love and honor and dignity and grace that make living worth something. You remind me that we should make every day count, to enrich our lives and that of our children's as much as possible, to share and feel and to love. I love your blog and am thankful that you include us. nm

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