Inclusion Week

The kids' school celebrated Inclusion Week a few weeks ago. As the Special Ed PTA rep, I thought this would be a really fun way to celebrate our students with disabilities. Well the teachers, staff and students took my idea and boy did they run with it. The 4th graders ferociously made loom bands in colors representing certain syndromes and conditions. Every student in the school was given a wrist band. In addition we asked them to wear a certain color each day. The kids made videos and signs explaining each condition. They were able to get a little science learning in when it came to genetics.

It was a fabulous week. The kids collected coins as "United For Change" to donate to Jill's House, since a few of the students from the school attend JH. It was amazing to see the kids and their parents be so supportive for this often overlooked group of kids. Instead they realized the importance of inclusion and how they can play a part every day.


Kat said…
We have world language week at my school...this would be better but my school stinks at doing any kind of awareness for those with special needs (evident from the degrading words the kids use). Good for their school!
Kathryn said…
This is awesome! Good for their school!

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