Our New Ride

We decided it was time and bought a wheelchair accessible van last month. It has finished being converted and now we are just waiting on delivery. Hopefully it will be here within the next 2 weeks. My back is achy from lifting Waverly in and out of our van. And especially lifting her wheelchair in and out of the back of the van. We just ordered her a new wheelchair which is much bulkier and weighs almost 100 lbs. It will be a wonderfully comfortable fit for Wavey, but I knew I could no longer lift it. 

It is a huge expense, but it was time. We needed a second car anyway. Our new van will accommodate 2 wheelchairs. For now, Oliver can sit in a seat with Waverly in her wheelchair beside him.

I am strangely excited for the new van's arrival. My back is already looking forward to limited lifting. I will take pictures of the kids inside once it *finally* arrives.


Alison said…
Ooh I know what you mean. We got a new van a few months ago and are getting it converted next week. My back is very excited!!!
Hummel Family said…
How nice! I'm sure you are enjoying the new features of this van. and I'm sure your backs are thanking you for this purchase!

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