Vacation Pics

shadows on the beach 

family selfie 

golf cart rides around the island 

Oliver enjoying the pool

our first boat ride 

Matt and Oliver enjoying the gulf

my shell collection 

golf cart family selfie 

Oliver at Magic Kingdom with Wavey's Minnie

riding the carousel

Oliver and I enjoying the Pooh ride


lesley said…
Beautiful photos, I love the golf cart selfie and Pooh ride. Yes, genuine happiness between the waves of sadness.
Anonymous said…
What lovely pictures. The golf cart selfie is my absolute favorite.
Looking at these pictures made me have tears run down my cheeks.
For one, they were tears of joy, being so glad to see all of genuinely happy, enjoying a wonderful trip.
And then they were tears of sadness for the loss your family suffered, Waverly not being there when she should have been.
Hugs from Switzerland
Anonymous said…
You guys are a lovely family. I'm glad you had such a wonderful getaway.

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