The kids and I were out the door early this morning.  We took Waverly in to have her orthotics adjusted.  She really grew this summer!  Then we were off to school.  Oliver cried as soon as we pulled into the parking lot once again.  He cried hard when I dropped him off with his teacher.  Wavey bounded up the stairs, excited to be among friends.  I really like her new 1:1.  She is very proactive.  I loved that Waverly was sitting in a regular chair, not strapped into a Rifton chair for circle time.  By the time I passed Oliver's classroom, he had stopped crying.  Phew!

Their physical education teacher stopped me outside to tell me how much he loves hearing Waverly's giggles as he enters the gym.  I also met with the school audiologist, before she checked their ears, hearing aids and FM systems.  Last night Oliver's former teacher called me to see how he is doing at his new school.  I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful school system meeting their needs.  They are truly loved.


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