Ahh weekends!  How we have missed you.

Matt is in a new position at work, which means normal work hours.  No more weekend or evening work.  I am over the moon with excitement.  I have been making dinner each night and we have been able to sit around the table and enjoy one another each evening.  This also means we have weekends again.  Last night after we finished eating, we drove about a mile into the downtown area, got some coffee and walked with the kids.  It was so nice.  So many people were out walking, the sports fields were packed with kids.  It felt like real life.  This afternoon we headed out to a State Park about 1.5 hours away.  They had some easy hiking trails and we thought it would be fun to get back to nature with the kids.  Waverly's wheelchair did great on the dirt paths.  Wavey did some walking and riding.  Oliver walked, but mostly wanted to be on my back or up on Matt's shoulders.  Then we had a picnic dinner by the lake and some playground time.  It was a perfectly lovely day.


ATLKrafts said…
Happy that you get that down time all together!
Jan said…
Hi Shannon

Have just got around to reading your wonderful blog. I only came across 'Welcome to Holland' this summer, but I think is a really good way of explaining what life is like. It was good to meet you and Matt in Northampton in August. You are a wonderful couple and your courage and determination to give each other and your two precious children all you can, is an inspiration. I'm so glad you are actively enjoying each moment with Waverly and Oliver and your description of your 'perfectly lovely day' took me back to romps in our local 'bluebell' woods when Amy and Daniel were little.
With love and prayers for you all and hope to keep in touch

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