Oliver's First Day

Oliver started preschool yesterday.  He is now attending the same school as Waverly.  He has a new teacher, aides and classmates - lots of adjustment.  When I dropped him off he was excited and gave his teacher a hug when he met her.  They said he had a good day and when he did get upset, they took him up to Waverly's room for a visit.  Today was more difficult for him.  As soon as we drove into the parking lot, he started crying.  I think the crying lasted most of the morning.  He will hopefully begin taking the bus with Wavey next week.  I think that will help him have a better transition.

It is always difficult to hand the kids over to someone new.  Wavey has always been easy to love and never gets upset.  Oliver is a bit more moody.  He is a total love bug!  I think because he can't speak and gets frustrated by that, he can be tougher to understand.  Hopefully my pages of notes, speaking with his former teacher and spending time with him will all give his new teacher the information she needs.

It feels good to be back in school and back on schedule.  Matt has started his new position.  We are back to family dinners and weekends together.  It is wonderful!!  I hope we are able to get into a nice rhythm soon.


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