Life Is But A Dream

We have had a busy few days enjoying the taste of summer here in Virginia.  Oliver loves being outside, so we have been taking walks, exploring playgrounds and sitting in the sunshine.  He also is desperate for the pool to open.  He loves water!  Today, he was so upset when we came into the apartment.  He stood by the door crying.  So, I grabbed my keys and we went back outside.  I was curious what he wanted to do.  He took my hand, walked me all the way to the clubhouse to the pool door, placing my hand on the doorknob.  (He has a great memory!!)  I kept telling him "no pool - pool is closed".  We walked around the pool, trying every gate.  I think he and I will spend a lot of time in the water this summer.

This morning I had Waverly's IEP meeting.  Thankfully, these meetings have always gone smoothly for us.  We have an excellent teacher and 1:1 working with Waverly.  The administration and support staff have been so helpful.  I went into this meeting with a little more apprehension than usual, but thankfully everything went well.  I truly feel like everyone around the table has her best interests at heart.  It is still a difficult meeting.  It's emotional for me.  For as simple as it is to agree on goals to work on for the next year, the reality of those goals begins to set it.  Waverly will walk 600 feet with adult assistance.  Waverly will grasp the handrail while ascending/descending stairs.  Waverly will manipulate a cause/effect toy.  These are not typical 2nd grade behaviors in the slightest.

I am feeling blue.  Wavey was so sweet tonight.  Climbing up on my lap, taking my hands and pulling on my indication that she wants to sing 'Row, Row".  She was full of smiles and giggles.  As I was singing to her, her lips would move.  She is unable to form words anymore, but it is like her mind remembers she used to sing along.  Her lips will form the beginning of a word and I wait with bated breath, desperate to hear her say row, stream, or dream.  Nothing.  Just a huge smile and giggle.  I am thrilled to have those, but I would love to hear her voice again.


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