I broke down today.  On the phone.  While trying to make a doctor appointment for the kids.  It was not pretty.  It was an ugly cry.  I have been trying to get to see our physical medicine doctor for over 5 weeks.  I have called the appointment line a few times a week, leaving messages for the scheduler.  I also have emailed her several times.  No response.  Finally I had enough and just started pushing each button on the automated phone line until I got someone.  I was angry and the girl could tell I was very frustrated and put me directly through to a scheduler.  As soon as I started speaking, I burst into tears.  Through my sobs of...terminally ill.....2 pain.....difficulty walking....she got the basics of what I was trying to say.  I was on hold for a bit and I now have an appointment next week for Waverly and in a few weeks for Oliver.  Success!!  I was going to try to be firm with them; explaining that their lack of communication with parents was unacceptable.  Instead, I am fairly certain the kids' files have a BIG sticker that says "crazy lady".  It was worth it.  I was able to secure the appointments we so desperately needed.


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