Waverly's Walking

On Friday we took Waverly to Children's to see a physiatrist.  Unfortunately we weren't able to get in to see our usual doctor, so we had to start over with someone new.  Wavey's walking has gotten worse the past few months.  She seems to be in pain at times and limps.  We wanted to see what we could do to try to keep her mobile for as long as possible.  The doctor was nice, but not at all familiar with MPS.  He described Waverly's walk as a "crouch walk" - bent knees, with pressure at the hips.  He recommended Toe Offs.  (If anyone has any experience with these orthotics, please let me know.)

We also saw the orthopedist yesterday.  We wanted to be sure there wasn't a skeletal issue in the hips that was impacting her gait.  After a quick exam and some hip x-rays, everything looked good.

Oliver has an appointment next month with our usual physiatrist.  I am going to bring Waverly along to the appointment, just to be sure she agrees that we try the new orthotics.  I trust her opinion more than anyone else's.

We will continue our stretching and exercising.  Hopefully, we can keep Waverly on her feet for a long time.  Spring and summer means lots of outdoor play, which is so good for her.


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