We Need Your Vote...Again

Team Sanfilippo and The MPS Soceity can each win $25,000 if we are in the top 100 of votes for the Chase Community Giving Program. It's that easy. Plus we have a chance for more in round 2. Please vote for us! (This isn't like Pepsi, where you vote everyday, just vote ONCE before 5/2/2011.)

Here is how to vote (you need facebook);
(2) Search for"Team Sanfilippo" in the Search for Charities area of the webpage.
(3) Click on "Team Sanfilippo Foundation"
(4) Select "Vote" for Team Sanfilippo Foundation
(5) A pop-up will tell you to "LIKE" Team Sanfilippo Foundation - Hit "LIKE" in the upper left hand area of the pop-up box.
(6) In green, it should say "Thanks for Voting"
(7) Search for "The MPS Society" and do it all again

I also need you all to share the details on your walls.  It takes less than 1 minute to vote.  I only need you to vote ONE time.  I want to see my News Feed filled with friends sharing the link.  PLEASE!!!

Thank you so much!!


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