Back to School...Already

This morning I packed up Oliver's lunchbox and backpack for his first day of summer school. I am so thankful we live in a county that offers extended school year. For the next 6 weeks he will spend his mornings in one of our local elementary schools. He will work on a few select IEP goals and socialize with some other preschoolers. In a wonderful surprise, his summer school teacher is actually his teacher for the fall. She knows Oliver already, which is a huge relief. He has difficulties with transitions and new environments, so having a familiar face is a huge blessing.

Oli was a bit surprised when I took him out to the bus this morning. He is used to riding with Waverly. However, he got right on with minimal tears. He is such a good boy. The report from his teacher was positive. He had a great day.

Wavey starts her 4 week program next week. I love getting back into a routine after a few weeks off.


Joanne Huff said…
Hi Shannon,

Neat! Sasha started her program yesterday too. It really is nice to get her back on a routine and to have a small break. She is like a different person when she is in school as opposed to out. I think it gives her morale a real boost! Hope Oliver has a great week! Joanne

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