More Changes

I recently wrote about the changes we are seeing in Waverly's mobility and movement around the apartment. This week, we have seen a lot of changes in her ability to swallow. During lunch today she choked twice. Choking so scary that I had to pound her back to clear her airway. We have adjusted her diet to soft foods and dissolvable solids, but I gave her a few blueberries with lunch. She loves blueberries, however she no longer chews them and just tried to swallow them whole. Waverly has always found such joy in food. She loves to eat. I hate having to adjust her diet once again and remove some favorite foods. Her blueberry intake will just have to be mashed into smoothies.


Carrie said…
Just a thought, could you put some food in a mesh feeder? I have used this in the past for students with choking issues. It is sold in the baby aisle of most grocery stores, target, etc. You can put most any food in it and she could suck or chew on it. Most kids get a lot of food through the tiny holes but it eliminates the choking risk.
Anonymous said…
I worked in a retirement community for a stint. Try thinking of her eating challanges as more of a challenge for you instead. Make a purreed pasta and then ad the sauce to still make it look like spaghetti with sauce. Use those favorite blueberries and put them in a pureed dessert or smoothie like you said. There is a lot that can be done with purees.

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