Yellow Light

I am so thankful for Extended School Year. It has been so nice to have a daily routine again and the kids both enjoy being in the classroom. Oliver is having a great time. He has the teacher he will have in the fall and she is fantastic. He has been happily getting on the bus each morning - no tears. Waverly is also having a wonderful experience. The past 2 years, I haven't been thrilled with her experience. This year is so different. Her 1:1, Erin, is with her for the summer. She is AMAZING and we are so lucky to have her. And Wavey's teacher is equally lovely. I was able to visit her classroom last week and she is with a wonderful group of teachers & students.

Erin told me the cutest story about Waverly today and I just had to share. They use yellow and red lights as warning for the kids' behavior. One of Wavey's little friends got a yellow light for something. A few moments later, as he was sitting by Wavey, she tapped his head 3 times. He went running over and grabbed the yellow light picture to give Waverly a warning. So cute!!!


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