All Rides, All Weekend

As part of Oliver's Make-a-Wish trip, he was given a passport to one free visit at over a hundred amusement parks. We decided to take advantage of the pass on this beautiful weekend and went up to my parents in PA to visit 2 parks. On Saturday we visited Dorney Park. Waverly stayed home for a Grandma day, while Matt & I took Oliver to Planet Snoopy. We had so much fun. It always takes Oliver a few rides to realize that he can keep riding all day - lots of throwing himself to the ground after the first few rides until he learns the routine. Then he begins running from ride to ride in excitement. We had a great day just with Oliver. Yesterday, we took both kids to Dutch Wonderland. It is such a lovely park - perfect for younger kids. Both kids had a blast. We weren't sure if Waverly would still enjoy the rides, but she was all giggles for most of them. We typically only ride the rides that allow us to ride with them, but we couldn't resist putting them on the Hopper. Wavey started trying to grab the little girl next to her, but then focused on Oliver. Once the ride started she held on tight. I love this photo of both of them on the ride.


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