Memory Made

I spent some time volunteering in Waverly's classroom yesterday, which did my spirit good. They are learning about autumn, so we made paper mache apples. They will paint them on Monday. I had such a great time helping the kids apply strips of newsprint to balloons. Most of them were not too excited about getting their hands messy, including Waverly. I think she thought it tasted good though, because she had a lot of it around her mouth (thankfully it is simply flour, water and salt). After we made the apples, I also read a story to the class. It was so much fun!!

It was a great reminder to enjoy the moment. Memory made.


Anonymous said…
Shannon - thinking and praying for you friend! Thankful for your memory made, and praying for many more. How you bear the emotions of this is beyond me, and I hope and pray that as you continue to process each day with your children, that God gives you the grace, the perspective and the wisdom to handle it as best as you can!!!


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