Back-to-School Night

Last night I attended Back-to-School night at the kids' school. I always enjoy visiting their classrooms and getting to know their teachers. 

I spent the majority of my time in Waverly's room. As I mentioned in previous posts, both of the teachers from last year and Wavey's 1:1 left. Thankfully the aides have remained the same, but it is a lot of change. Both of the new teachers are lovely - really sweet spirits. The dynamics of the classroom have changed a lot. Four of the older kids have moved on and now four kindergardeners are in the group. (Waverly had been the youngest kid in the classroom for the two previous years.) It has been a bit of a bumpy start, but I know there is a huge learning curve to entering a new classroom. I think it is going to be a good year for Wavey.

I also spent some time in Oliver's classroom. I adore the preschool team. He is in the same classroom as last year, with the same aide. His teacher is wonderful. He has had a very difficult time transitioning to school each afternoon. He is still extremely attached to me and cries each time I drop him off at school. It is heartbreaking. However, his teachers assure me that by the time he reaches the classroom he is okay and jumps right into the routine. (I think it helps that he eats lunch when he arrives at school.)

I am incredibly thankful for great teachers, aides, principals and specialists!!


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