Field Trip

Yesterday, I accompanied Oliver and all of the preschool classes to Flying Pan Park for the morning. It was such a fun excursion. Oliver rode the bus with his classmates and I drove. He must have had a great time, because his teacher said he had the giggles on the trip.  We took a nice wagon ride around the property. Oliver loved it...except when we would stop for the driver to talk about what we had seen. Oliver simply wanted to bump around. It was so cute to see him cuddle up with his teacher and hold her hand. We also spent time exploring the barns and seeing all of the animals. He enjoyed the horse, but kept wanting to pet the horse's eye. Thankfully, it was an understanding horse. I think the biggest draw were all of the puddles. He and the other boys spent a considerable amount of time jumping in them. We finished with snack time, just before the rain started to fall.

It was a short trip, but a wonderful reminder of how thankful I am to have the kids in such a great school. He loves the staff and he is loved by them.


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