New Orthotics

Oliver had another successful day with the blue chewy on Friday. He went the entire school day without a pacifer. I am incredibly proud of him and his teachers. Hopefully, we will be able to incorporate the chewy at home this week. 

I took Waverly & Oliver to Children's on Friday to meet with their physical medicine doctor. Thankfully, she didn't see any changes in Oliver. This is wonderful news. All of his physical therapy, stretching and shoe inserts are working. Waverly is a different story. Her heel cords are incredibly tight, even with daily stretching and PT. Her walking has deteriorated - she is walking on her tip toes, with her feet turned in. The doctor recommended we use orthotics during that night that can stretch that heel cord as she sleeps. She didn't think AFOs would be helpful and would only serve to impede her walking. I hope the new orthotics will help keep her on her feet for as long as possible.


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