Yet Another House Update

5 months in and still no decision on the house. Our realtor warned us that short sales were difficult, but I would never have expected it to take this long. We received an update last night.  The sellers have 2 mortgages on the home. The first bank has approved the short sale, but the second bank has yet to send their approval letter. They have had more than enough time to make a decision. The approval letter could come through today or a month from today. At this point, I just want a decision to be made. I am tired of waiting and being in limbo.


Joanne Huff said…
Shannon 5 months is such a long time to wait and still not know one way or another. I can certainly understand how frustrating this must be. I think of you 4 often and of your hopes and plans to move into this lovely home. I SO want this to work out for you guys! My fingers will be double crossed from now on. Hugs! Joanne

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