Oliver & His Scooter

Waverly spent the weekend at Jill's House, which meant Oliver had Mommy & Daddy all to himself for 2 whole days. While Waverly was off having adventures of her own, we had a great time with Oliver. On Saturday, we took him to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. It is a huge fair in a beautiful wooded area near Annapolis. We have gone almost every year we have lived in DC. It offers fun entertainment, great food and fabulous people watching. On Sunday we went to our favorite pancake place for chocolate chip, banana and praline pancakes for the family. We then took Oliver out for a long walk walk with his scooter. He LOVES it!! Although, he has learned that the scooter we have at home has a larger base. He is able to put both feet on it and wait to be pushed. (His scooter at therapy can only accommodate one foot.)

I love this photo. He has a beautiful smile - such a happy little boy.


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