*Not* Meant To Be

I was hoping for no major issues at the home inspection. Unfortunately, my wish did not come true. The foundation was cracked in 2 spots and the basement had a significant amount of mold. Given the amount of mold and the fact that the basement was where our family room was, we just could not risk it. Waverly & Oliver both have compromised immune systems and allergies. The mold would most definitely negatively effect their health. And given the cracks in the foundation and the poor drainage, the mold will likely return. Matt and I made the difficult, yet very clear decision to back out of the sale.

Before the devastation could hit, we headed out with our realtor to see some other properties. We love the town of Vienna, but we simply cannot afford a property on one income. And most of the small ramblers are being gobbled up by developers in order to build huge homes. We decided to open up the parameters and look farther away from the city.

We found a few properties that offered main floor bedrooms and bathrooms. The first one we saw was awful and made me think I was never going to find a home. The second home was a winner!! It is larger than the Vienna house, with total main floor living. 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a lovely back yard. It also has a garage. Best part is the house is cheaper than the Vienna house!! And it is NOT a short sale!!

We are putting in an offer tonight, hoping the sellers will accept and we can move in quickly.

The commute is going to be longer for Matt. And the biggest change is going to be schools. The new house is in the same district, however they will have to switch to a new elementary school. Their current school has been a wonderful fit. And they have known the kids for 3 years. They remember Waverly before a wheelchair became her mode of transportation. They remember when Oliver loved to complete puzzles and stack blocks. I worry that new teachers won't understand the painful journey they have been on. They won't grasp who they used to be and all they could accomplish. This is the most difficult aspect of the move. I am worried about starting over again with new teachers, therapists and aides. My hope is that our good fortune will follow us to a new neighborhood and the school will once again provide a loving and safe environment for my babies.

It has been a difficult day. We had been waiting 9 months on the Vienna house. Patiently waiting for the approval letters. And then with a matter of moments we had to give up what we thought would be our home for years to come. I surprised myself by not crying. I think I was in shock. I also think I knew it simply wasn't meant to be and I had to move forward. Thankfully, we found another house that will fit our family quite well. And if this house isn't meant to be, we will keep searching until we find it. I know it is out there somewhere.


Attila & Tamara said…
I'm sorry about your dream house not coming to be. But am thrilled to hear you may have found something even better for your family. I will be praying!

Have you considered approaching the school district and asking them for an exception in allowing them to stay at their old school?
Wow. I am shocked, then pleasantly surprised with this post. Hoping for a quick purchase and transition all around.
Beth said…
If the house is in the same district, you might be able to make a case for staying at the same school...it would be worth asking about at least. Lots of districts offer flexibility with placements for special needs--especially if you could provide your own transportation.

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