8 days and counting. I am honestly feeling happier than I have in years. Years!! The knowledge that we will soon own a home that such a great fit for Waverly & Oliver's needs is thrilling. I keep imagining the cookouts on the patio, waiting on the front porch for the school bus to drop the kids off in the afternoon, snuggling up with the family in front of the fire place. Everything is finally coming together for us.

I have spent the past week selecting new carpet for the bedrooms. We also selected a painter who will do all of the interiors of the house, plus replacing some trim and painting the kitchen cabinets. I also met with a contractor about making some changes to the kitchen. There are so many decisions, but they have been so much fun. Today I am finalizing paint colors - not easy, but thankfully I have a new friend to help me. 

The kids are both doing well. Waverly has yet to see the house. I know she will love finally having her own room. I can't wait to make it perfect for her, complete with a cosy reading area so Matt and I can read her her favorites stories. Oliver has been to the house a few times and loves it. He runs for the sliding door, because he loves being outside so much. He is going to thoroughly enjoy having a backyard.

In the midst of all of the house decisions, we also made a decision regarding the school situation. We are going to keep the kids where they are for the rest of the school year. For Oliver in particular, he does not adjust easily to new people and situations. It will set him back to have such a big change so late in the school year. We are working with the principal to see if transportation can be provided. Hopefully, it will. Otherwise, I will be spending a lot of time in the car.


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