Special Ed Eligible

This morning I had Oliver's triennial eligibility meeting. Every 3 years his entire educational team gets together to decide if he is still eligible for special education services. Given the diagnosis of Sanfilippo Syndrome it seems silly to have these, but we have to comply with the law. Thankfully, much of the information from our visits to the University of MN for the Natural History study is used to determine services.

I have been through many IEP, addendum and eligibility meetings in the past few years. Thankfully, they have all gone smoothly. We are fortunate to live in an excellent school district with superb special education programs.

My eyes still well up with tears at almost every meeting. Typically is it when we have to all agree and check a box stating that Waverly & Oliver are significantly below average in varying categories. It happened again this morning. My head down pretending to follow along, desperate to not allow a tear to escape and drip onto my papers. I made it without an ink smudge on my signature.

And so Oliver is set for another 3 years. Now I have to make it through Waverly's later this spring. It is not going to be easy.


Camille said…
Ugh, it never gets easier to see where our kids are performing in comparison to typically developing kids. I had to write a LONG letter to our school district when we were trying to get Connor into a private school and I went through every single private eval that we have of Connor, many of them saying he is scoring below the 1% in multiple areas. Never ever gets easier to hear that or see it in writing. Wish we lived closer, I'd love to have a glass of wine with you on days like this.

(But on the same note, I'm so glad for you that you are in wonderful school district that is incredibly accommodating for W and O).
Anonymous said…
those are so rough. always such an emotional process. thank you for sharing your story with honesty. it's good not to feel so alone.

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