Open House

Yesterday was the kids' Open House at school. They will be attending the same school they have been at for the past few years. Waverly has the same teacher as last year and in BIG news, she still has the same 1:1. Chao-An has been wonderful and Waverly was all giggly when she saw her. Given the g-tube this year, I am so thankful to have some continuity going into the next year. Oliver is starting kindergarten this year!! He is actually going to be in Waverly's classroom, along with 3 other students. He is going to miss preschool, especially Miss Nina. However, I know he will be free to visit her often. We were also able to meet the third grade and kindergarten teachers who will also be working with the kids. Both seemed enthusiastic about having Wavey and Oli joining their classes.

I can't believe school starts next week!!


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