Surgery Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the *big* day.

Waverly is scheduled for surgery at 2:00 PM on Monday. 

We met with the anesthesiologist on Thursday for a consult. The nurse actually remembered Waverly from a few years ago when she had her tonsils & adenoids removed. I feel confident that they understand Waverly's needs and she will be in very capable hands tomorrow. I also spoke with our GI doc to go over the procedure and what happens afterwards. My friend, Carrie, has a lot of experience with g-tubes. She walked me through the surgery and answered all of my crazy questions. I feel comfortable with the medical aspects finally.

The emotional impact of this surgery...not so much.


Joanne said…
I've been thinking about you all so much this week, Shannon. This is heartbreaking to us, even though I know it is the right decision. You are in our thoughts this evening and will be in our thoughts all day long tomorrow. xoxo, Joanne
Anonymous said…
Thinking of you all day and praying for Waverly. Eager to hear how the procedure goes. You are being an amazing mommy. Hang in there!

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