Road Trip: Boston

We took a mini-vacation to Boston last weekend. The National MPS Society held its annual conference there. They asked Matt to speak during the final night about his book ( and his story as a father dealing with an MPS diagnosis. The kids and I opted to site see with friends, while Matt attended the conference. Our dear friends live in Boston and offered to show us around the city. They even brought along a friend's daughter who helped me with the kids. We had a wonderful time exploring the city. And I ate some of the best food!! Massachusetts surprised us by being very hospitable and accommodating.

 Matt & Waverly at dinner
Our friend, Matt, holding Oliver in Boston Public Gardens 

Oliver and Dylan at Boston Commons

Jessie, Dylan, Waverly, Sasha & Oliver (all have Sanfilippo, except for Dylan)

The trip was fantastic, but simply not long enough. We will most definitely take another New England trip in the future. Lots of thanks to Cari, Matt, Joanne and Mike for entertaining us for the weekend.


Kathryn said…
Hi guys, Kathryn typing. Thanks again for letting me help out with Waverly and oliver! I had a great time, hope the rest of your stay in Boston was great!

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