Disney With Friends

Our primary reason for heading to Disney World was to see our dear friends from England. They were coming to Florida to stay at "Give Kids The World" for their daughter's Make-a-Wish trip. We have visited them in the UK before, but we were thrilled with the opportunity to meet them at Disney. If they were in the US, we were going to do whatever we could do to see them.

Disney World was incredibly busy for our first few days, which was such a sad introduction to such a magical place. The Magic Kingdom was virtually unwalkable - too many people. We made the best of it and with 4 kids in wheelchairs and 2 kids on foot, navigated the parks as best we could.

We were fortunate to be able to have our car on this trip, so we also spent one morning over at Give Kids the World. We walked the grounds, played on the playground, got ice cream and reminisced about our time there a few years ago.

There are some families with whom we just click. We understand one another apart from Sanfilippo. Those are the true friends I have made along this journey. Nicki and her family are one of our favorites. They are the most patient parents I have ever met. And their kids are truly lovely inside and out. We had such a fantastic time with them and I only wish we would have had more.

Paul & Tom at Animal Kingdom

Oliver and GG waiting to ride

Waverly & Sophie swinging at GKTW

Smiley Wavey enjoying the swing


Kathryn said…
That looks awesome! Happy New Year!
Hummel Family said…
Sounds like a good time! So glad you were given special time with special friends!

camille said…
Love the pics. Looks like you had a grand time! So happy you got to go :)

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