Other Disney Highlights

 Oliver wasn't all interested in the characters during meal time. He was much more interested in watching "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" on the iPad. Here is Pluto watching with him - Oliver totally unaware he was even there.

 Best memory of the trip was during the afternoon parade. Goofy, Donald and Pluto all came running over to Waverly. She was giggling and smiling, so happy to see all of them. Thank you Disney characters for making my little girl so incredibly happy.

 Waverly used to always say "Dumbo's mommy" while watching "Dumbo". And she would cry when the mom was punished and put in solitary. I found this adorable stuffed Mrs. Jumbo and she had to have it.

 Oliver in his German inspired Mickey ears riding on the train. He loves the rides outside, especially those that involve a type of transportation. I think the train, buses and monorail are his favorites.

Waverly was an excellent driver on this trip. She held the steering wheel the entire time. She was so happy driving me around the track a few times.


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