Friends Who Truly Understand

(I am still trying to catch my breath after our vacation earlier this month. My plan tonight is to catch up on the blog and try to recommit to writing more often.)

One of my favorite moments from our vacation was our time with a very special couple. A few years ago, our local paper did a story about the kids. Our family photo was on the front page. A few days after the story was printed, Matt got a message from a local woman. She and her husband had a son with Sanfilippo who passed away many years ago. (He actually would have been the same age as Matt and I.) Over the course of a few get togethers and emails exchanges, Matt and I have developed a real friendship with them. They have since left VA and moved to FL. Thankfully, we were able to get together with them during our time at Disney.

It is incredibly comforting to have another couple to talk with, who have been through the grief of losing a child. Who continue to grieve that loss. We are free to ask the tough questions and know we will get honest responses.

We love seeing them because they love seeing our kids. Oliver holds a very special place in their hearts, because he brings back such lovely memories of their son. Oliver is a bit more difficult to connect with - people have always been more easily drawn to Waverly. She is affectionate, wants to look directly into your eyes, and laughs along with you. Oliver tends to be slower to warm up. He doesn't always look you in the eye, instead giving occasional deep glances. He is independent. They adore both of them. And I am so glad seeing them can bring them joy.


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