A Beautiful Day For The Zoo

My sister and her daughters came down for the holiday weekend. They wanted to go to the National Zoo and Sunday was the perfect day. Waverly loved watching the meerkats and seal lions. Both were very active and she was able to get right up to the glass to see them play. Oliver enjoyed being outside and riding around in his chair. There is a new carousel and a very kind family offered us the tickets they were unable to use. Waverly used to always ride the zebra at the carousel on the mall, so she had to ride this zebra. She loved the first half and spent the second half of the ride pulling my hair. We never pass up an opportunity to let the kids ride. All in all, a perfect day.


Anonymous said…
Glad to see a smiling Wavey in these last two posts!
Anonymous said…
So glad to see you all had a great day!
Camille said…
Wavey's dress is BEAUTIFUL! Love it!

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