Walker Waverly

Waverly's new walker was finally delivered today.  I think that one took 6 months to get from doctor's prescription through insurance to delivery. The medical equipment folks brought it to her school today so we could make the necessary adjustments. I LOVE it!! It is a sturdy piece of equipment, however she didn't seem to have much trouble maneuvering it around the hallways. Unlike the one she was currently using (school owned), this one has hip guide supports and a safety strap to keep her standing. It also has a little flip down seat to take a rest. She seemed to take to it quite easily. And I am confident her 1:1 will keep her motivated and moving each and every day.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for still writing and keeping us up with what is going on with everyone. I love hearing it. Let's grab lunch in June before the kids get out of school. Sorry to miss Gigi's, but I had to nab the private time with Pete while I could. nm
Becky Thurmond said…
So glad she got her new walker, she looks like she loves it!
camille said…
Wow, 6 months from start to finish. Way to persevere! Looks like it fits her perfectly too!

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