Meet the McNeil Family

Meet the McNeil Family

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to Shannon! Your babies will never be able to thank you in their own words, but they have named me their official spokesman. So on behalf of Waverly and Oliver: thank you for taking us to doctor and therapy appointments (as many as 10 in some weeks), advocating for us at school, keeping us with our friends and teachers at Vienna even though you have to drop us off and pick us up (in DC area traffic!), staying up top of our feeding supplies, medicines, and medical equipment, for packing lunches, making meals, and hooking me (Wavey) up for feedings every afternoon at 1:00 and every night at 9:30, for fighting with our insurance companies, for planning fantastically fun weekends and vacations, for managing our wardrobes and keeping us looking good, and especially for all the snuggles and cuddles. You have truly laid down your life for ours, and there is no greater love than that! We love you (and so does the official spokesman), and hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!



Heidi said...

You two are the best parents I know. Happy Mother's Day, Shannon. And Matt, this is awesomely kind, sweet, and loving.

laura_darrow said...

A very deserving mother!!!!!

Kelly said...

I just absolutely love this.

Pamela said...

Such a sweet message. Keep up the great work, Matt & Shannon. Every time I see a city, street, or other thing with the name "Waverly" I think of you guys. I went through a town called "Oliver" the other day and thought of you then as well.