Happy 7th Birthday, Oliver!!

Oliver is 7 years old. Time is flying by much too quickly. We had a little birthday party for him over the holidays with my family. He loves cake and ice cream, so we opted for a delicious ice cream cake from Carvel. We say "Happy Birthday" - twice - because Waverly loves that song so much. Oliver just wanted to eat.

My sweet boy is changing. I am often so focused on Waverly's changes because they are new and unknown. With Oliver we are aware of what will happen next, should he follow his sister's trajectory. However every so often I see the differences. He is still using a spoon to eat, but he is becoming less effective. He doesn't dig the spoon in anymore, so most of the time he is bringing it empty to his mouth. We give him time in order to maintain the skill and the motor coordination, but then we take over so he can actually get some food. He is crawling over to furniture now in order to pull himself up to a standing position. And his legs are growing increasingly stiff, so his walking is a bit more uncoordinated.

He has the sweetest of spirits. Waverly has always been social and quick to warm up to any new environment. She longs for personal contact and lights up well people speak to her. Oliver is much more subdued. He is our home body. Each time we walk through our front door he squeals and runs around, happy to be home. He is happiest watching 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" all day long while running around the house holding his favorite Mickey Mouse footballs. Life is simple for him. Eating bring ultimate pleasure and we try to allow him his favorites as often as possible given he will soon no longer be able to eat by mouth. He is sometimes misunderstood. He doesn't give great eye contact or interact with his peers. Yet he is quick to hold my hand, loves to snuggle on the couch, and quickly falls asleep with a head scratch and back rub. I love him completely.

Happy 7th Birthday, Oliver!!


Kathryn said…
Happy birthday Oliver! Seven is heaven :)
Camille said…
Happy Birthday, Ollie.

Shannon, the posts about them changing and losing skills leave me breathless. I don't know what to say other than you are doing a phenomenal job mothering your beautiful kids.

Hummel Family said…
Happy birthday to your sweet boy! (It has been awhile since I've been on here, but please know I think of you guys often!)

JoEllen in Ohio

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