Our Van Has Arrived

Typically January is a slow month. The winter blue set in after the holidays and we count down the days until spring arrives. Not this year. We have been so incredibly busy, which is made obvious by my lack of blog entries recently.

In big news our new handicap accessible van was delivered a few weeks ago. The bottom picture gives the clearest idea of how the van works. The ramp (folded up at the back of the van) unfolds from the trunk. A wheelchair them rolls up the ramp and sits between the 2 captain chairs in what is typically the middle row of a minivan. A second wheelchair can sit behind it. Wavey can then ride in her wheelchair, eliminating the back breaking transfer into and out of her wheelchair. Hooray!! (Her new wheelchair wasn't here in time, so Wavey is sitting in the regular seat still.)

I never thought I would be so excited about a wheelchair accessible vehicle, but I am beyond thrilled. This is a life change for our family.


kathryn said…
yay! so exciting!!!
Joanne Huff said…
Oh my gosh, Shannon this is SUCH exciting news! I can only imagine how many more opportunities you will have to go on even MORE adventures now, with having so fewer transfers due to the kids being able to both ride the van in a wheelchair whenever needed. Such a game changer. I am just so happy for the 4 of you...woops, 5, this includes Watson too no doubt! :) Love, Joanne

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