We have owned this toy for 8 years. I bought it when Waverly was 3. I thought she would love trying to catch the falling butterflies. I remember her holding the nets, saying "Catch! Catch!" over and over again as I turned on the elephant. The trunk filled with air and eventually a bunch of butterflies would come flying out. I would try to help her move her net in order to catch them, but inevitably it was pure luck if any were caught. She loved watching them flutter to the ground.

It has been years since we have opened the box. For some reason, in all of our moves and purging of unused toys, I cannot bring myself to getting rid of this game. I tried last week. I cleaned out the closet in our spare bedroom and found Elefun on the top shelf. I put it in the giveaway pile, but eventually put it back on that top shelf. Maybe another time . . .


Anonymous said…
Yup, maybe another time or maybe never.
I don't understand why we would have to get rid of things that hold special memories, just because the kids don't need them anymore.
I am by no means a horder and absolutely love to get rid of clutter. However we still have 5 (down from 12) The Wiggles DVDs on our shelve. My girls are 11 and 9 and these DVDs have not been watched in, at leat, 4 years. Yet, I can't give them away. Too many sweet and wonderful memories from when they were little.

So, you hold on to this Elefun (which we used to have an almost never caught a butterfly) for as long as it gives you a fuzzy feeling. Maybe take it out of the box and let your sweet girl watch the butterflies dance again.

Greetings from Switzerland
Anonymous said…
I've been following your blog for a while now from Columbus, Ohio. I don't recall how I happened upon it. I remember seeing that Nationwide Children's hospital was doing research. I just signed up my daughter to run a Kids Run on 8/23 that benefits the hospital - and then I realized that the proceeds from the race were benefitting research on Sanfilippo. Check it out at columbusduckrace.com. I'll be thinking of your sweet kiddos that day!

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