Sad Oliver

I am sad for this little boy.

Oliver has been having a very difficult few months. Each afternoon he begins to cry and whimper for hours. It lasts all afternoon, into the evening until bedtime. He then will go to bed just fine and sleeps all night. We had him checked out by our pediatrician and geneticist to rule out any obvious causes. He doesn't appear to be in any pain. The crying definitely looks anxiety driven or simply neurological regression.

We have been down this road before with Waverly. It was six months of crying and fussing - highly unusual for Waverly. We met with every specialist she has for blood draws, x-rays, and MRIs. We never found a cause, but we finally met with a Pain & Palliative Care doctor. He couldn't find the source of the crying, but was willing to begin treating it. In her case, it seemed like pain. After a small dose of a pain medication, she returned to her normal self.

We returned to Pain & Palliative Care and are working to find what medication may be able to bring him some comfort. Thus far his behavior seems much more like anxiety rather than pain. We are on our second medication and hopefully we will find one that helps him.

It is an awful feeling to watch your child cry for hours and be unable to provide him relief.


Joanne Huff said…
Shannon I am so sorry to read that this situation continues for Oliver. This is heartbreaking. I was hoping it had passed. :( I wish I had some advice. We did go through the same with Sasha at the age of 9, and never found a physiological cause. I'm thinking of you, that was the harder era yet that we've endured with Sanfilippo Syndrome. xxx, Joanne
Kathryn said…
I'm sorry to hear about the pain he's going through. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.
Anonymous said…
How have Oliver's sad periods been? Improvement yet? nm
Hummel Family said…
Praying for your sweet boy. I hope he's doing much better since you blogged about this situation.

JoEllen from Ohio

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