The blog has finally been updated. I have been waiting for some great pictures of the kids and my friend, Megan, came through for us. She lives in Ohio, so while there for the 4th of July holiday we made a point to schedule a photo shoot with her. I have adored her pictures on Facebook over the years and I knew she would be a wonderful fit for our family. We had a lovely evening at the Wegerzyn Gardens. The kids were amazing (which given Ollie's recent behavior was a miracle). I am beyond excited to have new pictures of the kids. What a wonderful opportunity to capture our family in the moment.

If any our of Dayton area friends are interested in a fantastic photographer, please consider our friend.  Click HERE for her website. 


Joanne Huff said…
Wow, Shannon I love everything about this new blog makeover. I totally loved the previous one as well, but this is so fresh and current. It's stunning! Joanne

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