Summer Update

I cannot believe we are already one month into summer. We have had a lovely time thus far. It is so nice to have a break from school (truly a break from getting up early and driving in 66 traffic). We were able to take a short trip to Ohio to visit Matt's family which was a lot of fun. The kids are super travelers. They have also attended a week of day camp at Jill's House, with a few more on the calendar throughout the summer. Below is a picture of Ollie showing off the sun visor he made.

Waverly is doing well. Her walking is deteriorating and she can no longer stand on her own. She needs full adult support to walk and can hardly use her walker anymore. She has also been struggling with edema in her legs and feet. She had her annual cardiology appointment and thankfully everything looks fine. The swelling is simply a result of inactivity. So we are using pressure socks, elevating her legs, changing positions and walking with support.

Oliver is still having a difficult time. The new medication, which is a pain med, seems to be helping. He still has bouts of whining/crying, however it is much less dramatic than it has been. He is pacing a lot more - wandering the house in ways he never has before. I have noticed that if I can strap him up in one of his chairs after dinner, he calms down. It is almost like his body simply cannot stop moving, unless we force him to sit.


Kathryn said…
Oh my gosh! The new pix are SOOOO good! Both of the kids look so cute, love the outfits, especially Waverly's scarf. Perfect for summer!

I'm sorry to hear about Waverley and walking, as well as Oliver and his issues. keeping you guys in my thoughts, hope this summer has been fantastic :)

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