Waverly's Funeral Service

Waverly's funeral service will be on Saturday December 5th at 10:00 in the morning at McLean Bible Church Tyson's campus in the Smith Center. The facility is handicap friendly. Children are more than welcome.

Flowers may be sent to the church. Thank you.


As parents of two children with Sanfilippo syndrom (Sara - 10y, Jacob 8y) we are very sorry for your loss. We have been following your family's blog for years. We will miss seeing sweet Waverly's gentle eyes and smile. We are with you in our thoughts and we grieve with you and pray for you all.

Martin and Monika Zavadil
Unknown said…
No words, only our ove and prayers!

Larry & Lisa
No words, only love and prayers for you.
Anonymous said…
I met Waverly just a few hours ago when I saw the touching Jill's House fb post about her. Now, I can't stop thinking about her and your amazing family. I read the blog entries - and can relate to so many of your family events. My oldest also started her final year of elementary school this year, here in the DC area. Pictures on the beaches of Cape May. Visiting WDW and the princesses. Waverly is inspiring me right now to appreciate my family time, to understand more about a disease I've never heard of, and to question whether my donations to Jill's House are the best I can do. Thank you for an amazing blog in which you reveal your deepest, most personal emotions. Without it, I would not have the opportunity to meet your precious daughter. I will not forget her. May God bless your beautiful family and continue to give you strength.
lesley said…
Thinking of you all throughout the days. I don't know how one copes with such a devastating loss, although I will most likely find out as my daughter is compromised in so many ways. Thank you for sharing on your blog, I always felt a kinship with you as I saw Waverly wearing so many Hannas that my Sarah also wore.
I see the funeral is in McLean, which is where I spent my elementary school years at Churchill. Anyway, my prayers are sent for sweet Waverly and Oliver also. My heart breaks for you and your husband.
NancyAnn said…
My heart aches for your family. I ask the Lord to be with you three in this hard time and that he will give you Peace of Soul. You are truly brave and wonderful parents. Love from Oregon to you all.
Anonymous said…
My heart and prayers have been with you. Thank you for the opportunity on December 5 for our hands to touch as I try to understand and share your sorrow. You have been saints in making Waverly's short life as full as it possibly could be. I stand in awe of you, as I try to learn from your model. With my deepest condolences, David Newman
Anonymous said…
I am sad by the passing of your daughter Waverly. Please accept my sincerest condolences during this time. May strength and courage find you and family. I will always wear her pin. Claudette Richardson

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