Good Doctors and Schools

The kids and I ventured down to Children's Hospital early this morning.  They are both scheduled to have an ABR (sedated hearing test) in a few weeks.  When we were at UNC a few weeks ago, we were told they each had a lot of wax in their ears that needed to be removed for an accurate result.  Unfortunately, wax build up in a common problem for people who wear hearing aids.  Our ENT is fantastic, but very busy.  I sent him an email earlier this week asking if there was any way he could fit us into his busy schedule.  I received a response within an hour - love that - saying he could squeeze us in this morning.  Waverly's ears were actually clear, but Oliver's needed to be cleaned.  We had to strap him down and burrito him for a few minutes.  He screamed the entire time, but quickly recovered as soon as I picked him up.  All in all a very successful trip.

I also have everything set for Waverly & Oliver to attend their extended school year summer program.  They will have 4 weeks of morning activities.  Oliver will be with his old teacher and in his old classroom, so he will have an easy transition.  Wavey will be in an entirely new surrounding, but she typically adapts well.  I am going to enjoy having a few hours to myself each morning.  We can't wait!


mamabear said…
I'm glad you will get a few hours of rest as a result of these classes! Mental rest is so important for special-needs busy moms!

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