We finished day 2 of summer school today and all is going well.  Oliver is happy to be back among his classmates and with his old teacher.  I have heard he was quite excited for circle time and music.  The assistant in his class worked with him last summer.  She was so impressed to see how much he enjoys school...not like last summer when he cried almost the entire time.  Wavey is in an entirely new school setting.  Her teacher said she was very happy and the bus driver told us she giggles the entire way home.  That's my girl!

The big pink wheelchair is still sitting in the corner, with tags attached.  I kind of want to return it, as if returning it will hold off the inevitable.  Wavey is still walking fairly well, but she tires so quickly and cannot walk without the support of an adult.  She is also having difficulty with the bus stairs.  We know it is only a matter of time before the school requires her to use the lift for liability reasons.  Her new chair is bus tie down ready, so we are prepared when that time comes.

Prepared...I am not sure if that is actually possible.


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