Busch Gardens

As part of Waverly's Make-a-Wish trip last year, she was given an "amusement park passport" entitling our family to visit certain amusement parks for free.  Her pass expired on Sunday, so we thought we would use it one final time to visit Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.  We had a blast!!  They have a Sesame Street area of the park for kids which was fantastic.  They had kiddie rides, a live show and a sprinkler park.

Oliver relaxing in the grass 

Oliver loved exploring the grounds 

Close-up of a smiley Wavey 

Oliver meeting Bert & Ernie 

Waverly hugging Bert 

Oliver on a little boat ride 

Matt and the kids buckled in for a drop ride 

Waiting at the top for the drop 

Oliver loved it - Waverly not so much 

 Pretty girl on the carousel

Oliver clapping for the Sesame Street show after playing in the fountains


Aubrey. said…
We need to put this place on our 'to do' list. Looks like a blast!
Joanne Huff said…
Hi Shannon,

Such great photos here from your fun trip this weekend. The one of Oliver grinning ear to ear but Wavery looking not too enthusiastic on the ride with Matt is SO cute. I don't know how to explain it, it just kind of reminded me of a lot of things you typically might see with siblings.

I'm so glad you all had such a great time! Joanne

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