A Simple Hello

As I was waiting for Oliver to finish his morning preschool session, I sat in the car listening to the radio and catching up on emails.  One of the lunch periods came outside for recess and I immediately noticed a little girl I know.  She is in Wavey's class, but spends time in the mainstream classroom as well.  She wandered the playground, basketball court and kickball field.   She loves to walk and explore.  I started crying, watching this lovely little girl wander among the other children.  I didn't notice anyone say hello  or invite her to play with them.  And then it happened.  From the kickball field a little girl yelled "Hi "Mary" and ran over to give her a hug.  It was just a short exchange, but my heart swelled with love for these 2 girls.  It was a simple moment, just a greeting.  But to a mom who has children with special needs, it meant the world to me.

My mind went back to the hallway on Waverly's first day of school this year, to the little girl who waved and said "Hi Waverly" as I walked her to her classroom.  I still get tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat when I think about that.

To the parents out there who read my blog, please remember to use the moments when you are out with your children and you interact with someone who has a disability to make it a teachable moment.  Most kids are afraid of children with special needs, simply because it is unknown to them.  It is not easy, but how incredibly proud would you be of your child if s/he was the one who greeted a child with a disability so warmly.


The Leivas said…
This absolutely made me cry as well! I'm so glad there was a happy ending in this case.
camille said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE this post :)
Anonymous said…
tears well up in my eyes and a lump grows in my throat just readign about it. God bless you and your family.
It is because of Waverly and Oliver that our first priority with our boys in school is for them to be friends to the kids who need friends and defend anyone who is picked on.

My second grader has a classmate with autism in his class and he regularly includes him in group activities and compliments him on his efforts. He regularly makes me tear up with his stories, but I tell him to keep leading in this way and others will follow. Good will grow.

Your kids are inspiring our family.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for that important reminder. I read your blog frequently and am always pulling for your kids. My first grader has a girl with a developmental disability in her class and I always try to make sure that my daughter takes the time to say a kind word to her or include her in activities. Your blog serves as an important reminder as to why this is important.

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