Waverly did a wonderful job at her swallow study this morning.  She never refuses food...even when it is laced with barium.  The results were as expected.  Her swallow has moved farther back into her throat, causing the gagging and choking.  She is having the most difficulty with thin liquids.  Trace amounts are entering her trachea, which is not good.  We will have to begin using *Simply Thick*, so we can make her drinks more like a nectar consistency.  I have already emailed our doctors for the prescription, so hopefully we will make this change soon.

I cannot believe she can no longer safely drink milk, water or juice without having to add a thickener.  Sad.


Anonymous said…
"When I said 'my foot is slipping,' your love O Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul."
-Psalm 94:18-19
He is with you and your beautiful family!
Anonymous said…
I am so sorry for this newest challenge you have to face. My son turns 7 in a couple of weeks and to think what you have to deal with makes my heart so sad. Waverly's birthday pictures were so beautiful and her smile is priceless. May the Lord continue to cradle you in His arms every day. Your family is always in my thoughts and prayers.
Jen said…
Wish I could have talked to you more this morning at the school. Hugs to you and the kids.
Shannon said…
I wish we could have chatted more, Jen. Friday morning was crazy, with both kids sleeping in for a change. Maybe we could met for coffee again one morning.

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