I had a dream that Waverly could speak again.  She was sitting on my lap and I asked Matt to puree her dinner.  She took my face in her hand and said, "puree".  I was stunned and then she did it again.  I called for Matt and told him this was crazy.  She looked into my eyes and said, "this is craaaaazy".

It was short and simple, but what a gift.  One of the things I miss most is her beautiful voice.  She had such an adorable lilt to her voice.  She loved to finish the lines to her favorite books and she was always up for a song.

I wish I could fall back to sleep and dream that dream again.


Anonymous said…
Dreams come from the love in your heart. I will dream with you.
Amanda said…
I love your writing, your posting. It just grabs at my heart. I wish that you could dream that dream again too. But you've got the memories, and those will never fade. You will hear your daughters voice again someday.

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