Oliver loves his new bed.  He spent most of Wednesday evening climbing in and out of it.  He slept beautifully that night - 11 hours straight.  I even had to wake him up to get ready for school.  He was nicely tucked under his blankets, with his ducky in hand.  He continues to want to climb up during the day and chill up there.  He takes toys, books, balls and scatters them around.

I am so thankful that we were able to get this bed covered with insurance and our waiver.  It is going to have an incredibly impact on our family.  We can rest easily at night, knowing he can't fall out of bed and get hurt.  He is beginning to have the sleep disturbances common with Sanfilippo.  Hopefully, this bed will make that phase a bit easier for all of us.


s.a. said…
That bed is amazing. How wonderful that it will give you and Matt some security and the ability to hopefully sleep at night, knowing he is safe and contained.

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