Simply Thick

We are the proud new owners of a huge box of *Simply Thick*.  I went to the pharmacy tonight to pick up our first supply.  We will add 2 packets to each of Wavey's sippy cups, thickening her drink to a nectar like consistancy for easier swallowing.  It is supposedly tasteless.  We shall see tomorrow how she tolerates it.

In other news, I attended Oliver's "Friendship Feast" this morning.  It was quite a busy day for him.  He had both Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.  His therapists worked him hard, lots of tears were shed.  Then we went to school, which is not his typical routine.  He ususally doesn't attend Tuesdays.  But we wanted to participate in the special day.  He cried for the first 30 minutes he was with his class.  I was with him, but he was so concerned that I was going to leave he was inconsolable for awhile.  Once the table was set and he realized it was lunch time, he was absolutley fine.  It was so nice to watch him with his classmates and teachers.  He waved hi a few times and he was very excited for circle time at the end of the day.  He enjoys singing the "Goodbye Song" and moving his photo from the school building to the car photo.  He is such a good boy.


The Leivas said…
I hope Waverly likes the simply thick, Olivia tried it during her stay at Duke and it didn't seem to taste any different.
Leah said…
when my son wyatt was still eating by mouth we were given several huge cans of thick it. which does the same thing. we only used it for a bit, so would be happy to send along some of the unused canisters. (sealed and untouched). please let me know if i can ship them to you!

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