On The Right Track

Waverly & I had a marathon day of doctor appointments today.  Our geneticist is quite possibly the coolest lady around!!  Every time I leave an appointment with her, I wish I would have applied myself more and gone to medical school.  She is the doctor I wish I could be.  She responded so quickly to my plea last week and got us in to see specialists today.  

We started our morning in PMR.  The doctor was wonderful.  He took an interest in her whole person, not simply focusing on his one area.  He made some recommendations for new orthotics.  He is going to assist with casting her feet, for the perfect fit.  We then had a consult with PT.  This is standard procedure when seeing the PMR doc.  She was lovely.  Her recommendations were in sync with our private PT, which was  confirmation that the kids are in good therapeutic hands.  We also met with OT.  She is ordering us a bath chair to assist with bathing Waverly.  Wavey hates bath time!  The hope is that sitting in a supportive seat, will comfort her enough to make the bath less traumatic.

Then we moved on to genetics.  Our geneticist, who has seen the kids for 3 years, was so surprised to see Waverly upset.  Wavey just isn't a fussy kid - hardly ever cries.  However, she cried for almost our entire 90 minute appointment.  She flinched when we moved her hips and knees, eyes welling up with tears.  After consulting the most recent x-rays and examining her today, our geneticist is fairly certain Waverly is having hip pain.  Her hip sockets are rough and worn, with minimal cartilage.  That bone on bone friction can be very painful.  Before we intervene, the doctor has asked 2 orthopedists to look over the film and make recommendations.  We are also going to see a rheumatologist, due to the swelling in her joints.

More appointments.  More waiting.  But I feel like we are on the right track to solving the mystery.  For now, we have increased her Ibuprofen to keep the swelling down and take the edge off of the pain.  We may end up getting Cortisone shots, taking anti-inflammatory meds or pain meds.  

I am just so thankful that we have this wonderful relationship with our doctor.  Before we left, our doctor  gave Wavey a kiss on the top of her head.  That is an excellent doctor.


Liv Life said…
It's so comforting to have physicians that are compassionate! I'm so glad to hear that maybe you are "on the right track" to figuring out what is causing Waverly lots of tears. Thoughts and love to your family!

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